Dog Bite Injuries and What To Do

The fact is, dog bites are one of the most shared and serious personal injuries one can incur. It may happen to both children and adults. The problem with dog bites is you can never tell when a dog will attack you. This is simply because even the gentlest dogs have the tendency to cause harm. If you suffered from a dog bite, the first thing that you need to do after seeking treatment is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Why?

Dog bites may not only result in permanent disfigurement and psychological trauma, but oftentimes it can also lead to death. To protect yourself from the damaging effects of dog bites, hiring a personal injury attorney is a must.

Understand your Rights When Attacked by Dogs

A personal injury lawyer will inform you that dog bite laws may vary from state to state. However, all states recognize the same law that governs cause of action. Thus, the liability rests with dog owners who are aware that their dogs pose a threat to the people in the surroundings.

Also, several states have passed the “dog bite statutes” that makes dog owners liable for some dog bite cases and create limited defenses for them. For instance, in some states people who have been bitten by unprovoked dogs, especially in public places or wherever the attack occurred, can demand damages from the dog owner. It does not matter whether or not the dog has bitten a person in the past; the owner remains liable for the injury.

Now keep in mind that dogs can injure a person even without biting him. For instance, they can damage you using their claws; they can knock you out and cause bicycle accidents. Indeed they can be a man’s best friend and a man’s worst enemy at the same time. If you were injured by dogs, a personal injury attorney would advise you to recover damages from the dog owner himself.


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